Five Basic Types of NASA Hoaxes - most were exposed first by Matt Marriott-

Jun 3, 2007

NASA strategy to fake the material it releases - exposed worldwide first

The NASA fakes - How it is done

What is the NASA strategy to combine resolution level with the type of fake (processed photos or computer graphics only)?

The NASA approach to resolution to its fakes depends on wether the subject is visible from Earth.

1. If it is visible from Earth then use only low resolution. (1)

2. If it is not visible from Earth then use the resolution and type suitable to better sell the hoax.

The ultimate example to illustrate the second case are the rovers on Mars.
NASA releases high resolution material from both types
- some (close views of the ground) is somehow based on real photos, which were shot on Iceland;
- the rest is computer graphics only.


(1) An exception would be if the only thing faked would be brightness. The time has come for such a case:
Saturn Lies sold by and which is the bigger Lie?

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