Five Basic Types of NASA Hoaxes - most were exposed first by Matt Marriott-

Jun 15, 2007

Godsent Vladimir Putin puts an end to ISS/Space Shuttle farce - Translated worldwide first: CNN calling computer glitch a "fatal flaw"

CNN reporting now that the Russians are calling this computer glitch a "fatal flaw". (1) This is 100 pct SYMBOLIC LANGUAGE.
Godsent Vladimir Putin puts an end to ISS/Space Shuttle farce - Translated worldwide first: CNN calling computer glitch a "fatal flaw".
"What is the role of Russia in all of this?" For the answer start moving back in time from here: Vladimir Putin puts an end to ISS/Space Shuttle farce (2).
The end of the last fable (3) still alive in the book of manned space travel. Ever since the first chapter, the Skylab (4)  in the early seventies.

(1) June 15, this fact is symbolically packaged as:
"Before trying to reboot the computers, power between the U.S. and Russian sections of the space station was turned off and then turned back on the theory that perhaps a bad connection between the Russian side and a pair of new solar arrays might be the problem. Engineers were still testing the connection theory Friday morning."
(2) June 12: NASA is putting an End to the BIG HOAX International Space Station ISS - Space Shuttle

(3) Moon Landings have been long no more accepted as Reality by all. But the fable of International "Space" Station was.

2 Timothy 4:3-4:  For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.  And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.
(4) SKYLAB Space Station HOAX - exposed worldwide first time... *** 28 years later! ***

(5)Vladimir Putin and the battle of Armageddon
(6)Vladimir Putin and the ISS as fable for the ABM hoax in the terminal phase

First time in History: Russia  under "point of no return" type of military attack and government lead by a traitor, nazi agent impersonating Putin.
VLADIMIR PUTIN, wife, daughters killed and replaced with doubles: Illuminati greatest coup in Armageddon
Coup executed by illuminati agents, lead by Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Videos:


Jun 14, 2007

SKYLAB Space Station HOAX - exposed worldwide first time... *** 29 years later! ***

Skylab orbiting Earth" Hoax, kept alive 1972 to 1979
Exposed the same way as 28 years later the ISS hoax
Now, for the complete picture, the "Skylab crashing into Earth" hoax, something that now is about to become breaking illuminati news: does the debris from the plane crash at the Pentagon ring a bell?
Right, Skylab debris in remote Western Australia 1979  = "plane" debris at the Pentagon on 11 September 2001.
So relax, folks, the chances you will get hit by some of those 200 ISS tons really is the same as the odds of winning the Mega Millions Jackpot.
And that is not one of their infinite Space Station jokes, such as Miss Universe on stage for the Skylab fiery fall. In fact it is not a joke at all.

 2007: * ATTENTION * NASA is putting an End to the BIG HOAX ISS Shit-tle, aka Space Shuttle
Added: see update in previous link to get why ISS is still going aroimd.

The * Sky is falling * jokes by the Illuminati - ATTENTION - this is NOT a joke
So many jokes, and 28 years later, nobody got it.

Shanksville, Pentagon and the 9/11 "passengers"
Probability is not 1 in 176 millions. It is in fact 0.

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Jun 12, 2007

*** ATTENTION *** NASA is putting an End to the BIG HOAX ISS - Shit-ttle, aka Space Shuttle

Space Shuttles are normal planes. A dummy is launched each time.
The real Space Shuttle takes off two hours from what is supposed to be the landing.

New Identities were given to what was supposed to be the Challenger crew, as the rocket exploded on launch in 1986.

The Columbia crash was staged to make the hoax credible.There is only one more question to be answered:
1. What is the role of Russia in all of this?
I will answer this later, if nobody comes with the right answer.

BTW, you do know what the proof that all of the above is TRUE, right? (1)

(1) a) Since I'm afraid you don't, it's time that you start asking yourself the right questions. For a start:
Why are space tours of the International Space Station offered only by computer graphics?
(1) b) More on this, following this reply:
"Hi Matt, You mention in this article that you have evidence that the space shuttle launches into space (maybe you meant "some of the launches") were faked. I have been a big skeptic of NASA so-called achievements and accomplishments with regards to the so-called moon landings and possibly some or most of the probes launched into deep space but as far as my doubts about the space shuttle are concerned I have not found anything I would describe as compelling evidence that the space shuttle launches going into earth orbit were faked.
Can you help me out here? What did I miss? Was it the inflated tires on the shuttle, the absence of stars in most if not all space shuttle low-earth-orbit pictures or is the evidence to be found in the odd shadow projections in the official shuttle EVA pictures?

Basically you have two types of evidence:
1. - what the hoaxers show to you, which leads you to the logic conclusion that the story is impossible;
2. - what they hide from you.
Everything you mention is evidence from the first type.
Once confronted with such evidence, the hoaxers will resort to the ultimate "argument": nobody can prove it is a fake, since nobody else but the hoaxers saw it with their own eyes.
Again as hinted in (1)a), my proof uses evidence of category 2.

(2) I have to post this now, because the latest "news" clearly show that the end of this Hoax is being staged right NOW:
June 12: NASA checks into potential hit on shuttle, Sensors on Atlantis’ wing edge set off; station spreads solar wings
(3) Two days after this was first published, more signs (4) that Matt Marriott translated correctly the Illuminati message (5):
HOUSTON, June 14 -  Atlantis' return to Earth may be delayed by computer failure
Russian and U.S. space scientists reported multiple computer problems late Wednesday and early Thursday aboard the International Space Station.

(4) When the Illuminati send their codes they usually add jokes in the process. June 13, using the "serious" illuminati channel BBC:
Baby monitor shows space mission
A mum in America got a shock when she turned on her baby monitor to check on her son and found herself watching something out of this world.
Natalie Meilinger thought she'd see her three-month-old son Jake in his bedroom upstairs, but instead saw pictures of astronauts on the Atlantis shuttle.
Natalie, a science teacher who lives in Chicago, said no one believed her until she showed them a video of the images.
The astronauts are fitting solar panels on the International Space Station.
(5) Hoaxes of End Times: Four BASIC Cases: (2 * Illuminati) + (2 * Matt Marriott) . check case 1..

Update: why ISS is still going around
Vladimir Putin was about to terminate the end times fable known as International Space Station, ISS.
But Illuminati killed Putin and replaced him with an impostor :

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Jun 7, 2007

SOHO HOAX by NASA - EXPOSED worldwide first

SOHO Spacecraft HOAX
SOHO is not a spacecraft.
The SOHO imagery is the result of three telescopes.
One of them is in Chile.
Guess where the other two are located.

The day the SOHO HOAX was exposed
Matt Marriott exposed this hoax wordwide first the same day he revealed how Noctilucent Clouds and Comets plunging into the sun fit in the end times puzzle.
The perfect day to expose the SOHO Hoax. It adds yet another dimension to this 1 + 1 uncompleted sum, as placed by (1)
2007, a 1 + 1 puzzle now for everyone. (2)

(1) Noctilucent Clouds closing in - comet plunging to Sun - the skies above, June 6, 2007
(2) NOTHING escapes the Laws of End Times Reductionism.

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Jun 4, 2007

NASA Hoaxes for dummies - the five basic types - exposed worldwide first by Matt Marriott

There are basically five types of hoaxes in the so called space age. The soviets were also involved in two of those types. But since NASA was the only one to have covered all of them, let's classify them using only examples of NASA Hoaxes.

1. "Spacecraft orbiting solar system planets and moons"
Historically it was the first of all hoaxes.
Ironically it is the only hoax that continues to be upscaled in the terminal phase: Galileo at Jupiter, Cassini at Saturn 2004, New Horizons Pluto-Bound now.
Ironically, the task now resumes to using graphic software. Photoshop is no more required, since there are no real photos involved whatsoever. (1) Besides that, unlike in the case of the hoax of the Hubble photos, upscaling this hoax means fuzzier images, i.e. always more primitive processing. End Times Reducionism again and again.

2. 3. 4. 5. (coming soon)

Update: reductionism: Historic page published Jul 20, 2009, 40 years or one generation to the day that marked a new dimension in simulated reality. It also completes the typology of NASA hoaxes.

(1) Take the test: are there real photos somehow involved, or is this computer graphics only?
Is this the most pathetic photo that NASA ever faked?
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Jun 3, 2007

NASA strategy to fake the material it releases - exposed worldwide first

The NASA fakes - How it is done

What is the NASA strategy to combine resolution level with the type of fake (processed photos or computer graphics only)?

The NASA approach to resolution to its fakes depends on wether the subject is visible from Earth.

1. If it is visible from Earth then use only low resolution. (1)

2. If it is not visible from Earth then use the resolution and type suitable to better sell the hoax.

The ultimate example to illustrate the second case are the rovers on Mars.
NASA releases high resolution material from both types
- some (close views of the ground) is somehow based on real photos, which were shot on Iceland;
- the rest is computer graphics only.


(1) An exception would be if the only thing faked would be brightness. The time has come for such a case:
Saturn Lies sold by and which is the bigger Lie?

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