Five Basic Types of NASA Hoaxes - most were exposed first by Matt Marriott-

Jun 4, 2007

NASA Hoaxes for dummies - the five basic types - exposed worldwide first by Matt Marriott

There are basically five types of hoaxes in the so called space age. The soviets were also involved in two of those types. But since NASA was the only one to have covered all of them, let's classify them using only examples of NASA Hoaxes.

1. "Spacecraft orbiting solar system planets and moons"
Historically it was the first of all hoaxes.
Ironically it is the only hoax that continues to be upscaled in the terminal phase: Galileo at Jupiter, Cassini at Saturn 2004, New Horizons Pluto-Bound now.
Ironically, the task now resumes to using graphic software. Photoshop is no more required, since there are no real photos involved whatsoever. (1) Besides that, unlike in the case of the hoax of the Hubble photos, upscaling this hoax means fuzzier images, i.e. always more primitive processing. End Times Reducionism again and again.

2. 3. 4. 5. (coming soon)

Update: reductionism: Historic page published Jul 20, 2009, 40 years or one generation to the day that marked a new dimension in simulated reality. It also completes the typology of NASA hoaxes.

(1) Take the test: are there real photos somehow involved, or is this computer graphics only?
Is this the most pathetic photo that NASA ever faked?
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